Red Cross workers from Mexico arrive at the George R. Brown Convention Center which has been a shelter for evacuees from Hurricane Harvey, in Houston on September 2, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
Mexicans aid workers are crossing the US border to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
Red Cross volunteers, food and supplies were being sent to the disaster zone on Wednesday, Reuters reported.
Since coming ashore on August 25, the storm has left some 60 people dead while thousands of others have been displaced in the Gulf region of the United States.
"Mexico is ready to help those affected by Harvey," Carlos Sada, Mexico's deputy foreign minister for North America, told reporters in Mexico City on Tuesday. "It's a demonstration of our neighborliness, a show of solidarity."
This is while US President Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall to keep the two neighbors apart over immigration.
"We all know that there are some agreements and disagreements between governments, but for the Mexican Red Cross and the volunteers from the Mexican Red Cross, we are more than glad to be helpful and do some stuff to help people," said Gustavo Santillan, one of the Mexican Red Cross volunteers.
"We don't have time right now to put up borders and block Mexico, we need to come all of us together and work together," said Bertha Navarette, 63, an evacuee from Pasadena, Texas.
Meanwhile, the United States was bracing itself for another hurricane, Irma.
Irma was expected to make a landfall in the US state of Florida by the weekend.
The new hurricane is said to have already claimed several lives in the Caribbean. 

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