British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has laid out his vision for Britain’s exit from the European Union in what analysts see as a challenge to Prime Minister Theresa May’s authority.
Johnson offered his 10-point plan for Britain’s successful exit from the European Union, commonly referred to as the Brexit, in Daily Telegraphon Friday.
In the 4,000 word article, Johnson outlined a cost-benefit analysis on how leaving the bloc will bring Brits the most benefits for the smallest cost.
In the article, he revived the contested claim Brexit could free up £350m a week for the NHS.  
He said Brexit would put the Britons’ destiny back into their own hands, allowing them to make the UK the most “glorious” country on in the world.
Johnson added, if Britain continued its membership in the single market and customs union, the nation would make a "complete mockery" of last year's referendum result.
Analysts said Johnson made the move in a bid to confirm himself as the no.1 candidate for the top post upon May’s likely demise.
However, they considered his remarks to be untrue.
One senior Conservative MP told The Independent that Johnson was “daring her [Prime Minister May] to sack him” and attempting “to prove his credentials to the European Research Group in the party for an eventual leadership bid”.  
The opposition camp noted that the article unveiled the division among the leading Conservatives. 
Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesperson said the 10-point article by Johnson "exposed the Tories’ real Brexit agenda – a race to the bottom in regulation and corporate tax cuts to benefit the wealthy few at the expense of the rights of the rest of us." 
“The Foreign Secretary even has the gall to dredge up the fantasy of £350m a week extra for the NHS. The Prime Minister must spell out now how this will be paid for, or stand condemned for once again trying to mislead the British public.”
The article also “laid bare the conflicts at the heart of Theresa May’s Government” over the Brexit negotiations and “cut the ground from beneath the Prime Minister’s authority”, said the Labour spokesperson. 
Johnson, however, tweeted that he not only supported Prime Minister May on her Brexit strategy, but also asked other UK leaders to support her, as well.   
"All behind Theresa for a glorious Brexit," Johnson wrote.

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