The Only 5 Pairs Of Shoes You Need

Being a great shopper doesn’t mean buying every single item you like - instead it’s about the ability to create a stunning wardrobe with minimum efforts. That is why many savvy fashionistas prefer to have a limited number of clothing and shoes. Find out which 5 pairs of shoes will be enough for a stylish wardrobe and do all of your fashion shopping on Jiji (https://jiji.ng/fashion-and-beauty) to find the best deals in Nigeria on clothing, shoes, and accessories.

1. Heels

There’s no arguing about the importance of having a pair of killer heels in a woman’s wardrobe. After all, it’s the most popular style of footwear worn by ladies all over the world. If you’re determined to own just one pair of heels, go for pointy-toed shoes with a stiletto heel, although ladies with a more casual style will likely prefer chunkier heels. The most classic color choice is, of course, black, although metallics are also very trendy right now.

2. Flats

Even if you can’t imagine your look without a pair of gorgeous heels, it’s important to give your feet some rest and wear flats from time to time. Flats are an excellent type of footwear for two reasons. First, they are extremely comfortable to wear for hours and hours. Second, with the help of flats you can create a feminine and put-together look for any occasion, from the office to a party.

3. Sneakers

In the past few years sneakers have made the transition from a purely sporty wardrobe to casual and even special occasion looks. The most versatile pair you can get is white sneakers in one of the classic designs like the Adidas Stan Smith. Wear them with jeans, short skirts, jumpsuits, shorts, or knee-length and maxi dresses - your choices are nearly endless if you can pair your sneakers well!

4. Sandals

No matter how beautiful your heels, flats, or sneakers may be, sometimes the weather is too hot for that kind of footwear. That is where a pair of sandals comes in handy. Made of thin leather straps, sandals allow your feet to breathe while also completing your look in a chic yet relaxed way. Wedge sandals are the most versatile pair you can get, although flat or high-heeled sandals look great as well.

5. Ankle boots

When the weather is colder or you want to add a different vibe to your outfit, try on some cute ankle boots. This kind of footwear creates an ideal combination with skinny jeans, but there is much much more you can wear with your ankle boots, including leggings, jumpsuits, flared skirts and dresses, and loose-fitting tunics.


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